7 Reasons Why Blogging Is A Best Career Option

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The blogging is one of the best career now. We are emphasizing this statement because it is a fact. In the period of 90s and 2000s, very few people know about a blog. Slowly it got rampant popularity among all classes. The reports have said that 5 out of 10 people on the Internet know about the blogging. It may seem to be a less number, but it is a significant improvement. We discussed about the Blogspot and WordPress. If you have not read, then go through those articles.

What Is A Blog?

If this is the first time you heard about a blog, then it is a type of website that gets updated frequently. You may write about anything that excites you. It could be technical or creative. The blog post can contain text, images, videos or audio. The one who writes and publish blog posts is called as a blogger. There are again two types of bloggers : Part time and full time. We are stressing more on the full time blogging in this article.

You may be surprised to know that the blogging is one of the finest and noble profession in the world. Don’t you believe our words?


Have a look at these 7 reasons why blogging is a best career option :

1. Blogging Is A Great Art

We bloggers see it in a wider perspective. Undeniably, it is an art. The one who is really passionate, patient and maintain consistency can get success. One must not think it as a wastage of time. As any art needs continuous learning and improving, blogging is no exception. The people may mock you for not taking up a regular job or business. But, feel lucky for choosing the blogging as your career.

The blogging is not an option, it is a choice. When you chose the blogging as a career, that means you focus and love your work. Coming to the regular job, you do not have control and guarantee. While, the bloggers can have 100% control on their blogs.

blogger art

2. You Can Make Money From The Blogging

Why do everyone work? Eventually to get paid, isn’t that true? No one can deny it. Even you can earn decent money from blogging too. Be it an advertising or affiliate marketing, you can earn. There is no limit for earning. Unlike regular jobs, you do not need to wait for the hike. Of course, you need to pick up the right strategy.

You do not need to fear of losing money. We said this because you are investing on domain and hosting. Some may invest on content writing or themes. You can always get back your investment depending on your strategies.

The planning is important. You can earn the substantial monthly income just like in the case of a regular job.

money blogging

3. The Bloggers Can Build Connections

You may think that the blogging can be done individually. No, it is not true. In this process, you may virtually meet tens or hundreds of people. The people can be anyone ; blogger, designer, developer or an advertiser. It depends on the need. Many bloggers collaborate with other niche bloggers for a task, cross promotions or revenue generation. Any work being collectively done yield better results. You can also join many blogging communities and social networks. Try building real and valued connections.

blogging connections

4. Go Beyond The Boundaries

In the mainstream job, you restrict yourself. In the other words, you are bound to work within an office, city, region or country. However, if you take up as a blogging as a profession, you may communicate with the people from different countries. The bloggers can be called as multicultural people.

blogger boundaries

5. You Have The Absolute Freedom

The blogging is not a 9 to 5 job. There would be no boss who instructs you what to do and what not to do. You can set your own hours. The best part is you can work from anywhere, apartment or a dorm. All you need is a computer or laptop with an Internet connection. There are no fixed hours for blogging. Even you can go on a vacation with your family or friends. No one will ask you the reason for taking holiday.

blogging freedom

6. The Blogging Enhances Your Knowledge And Sharpen Skills

The blogging involves learning and writing about new things. Be it a technology, or a fashion. The successful bloggers always follow the new trends. Unless you are updated, you cannot compete with others. The blogging also improves lingo and sharpen skills. Be it a writing or innovation.

Blogging knowledge

7. You Can Turn Your Blog Into A Business In No Time

For establishing a company or an organization, you need an office space. Many startups go with at least coworking space. Whereas blogging do not need any physical address. When your blog attracts huge and high quality audience, you will see the increase in the revenue. Many bloggers work from the home and earn thousands of dollars every month.

The traditional business needs an investment for everything from scratch to the expansion. While you don’t need to invest much in your blog. Are you serious about turning your blog into a big business? You need to build a like minded team. In that case, you need to invest time, money and other resources. Unless you have goals and determination, it is not possible to get success. Look at the people like Arianna Huffington(Huffpost) and Rand Fishkin(Moz). They converted their blogs into big businesses and earning millions monthly.

blogging business

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What Are The Final Words?

Before taking the blogging as a career, you need to ask a few questions to yourself :

  • Are you really ambitious and determined?
  • Do you want to blog for full time?
  • Are you linguistically skilled?
  • Do you have a knowledge of the topic that you are writing? Don’t choose a random niche or topics unless you know about them.
  • Have you chosen the topics or subject that you love?
  • Do you love to learn new things on daily basis?
  • Are you willing to work for long hours?
  • Do you have patience?
  • Can you live with low income? The beginners cannot earn much.
  • Do you have support from your family?

If yes is the answer to all your questions, then you can take it as a profession.

Please do not start a blog by listening success stories from your friends or strangers. Do not jump in a hurry for earning money. It takes a lot of time. Research well and look if you are really fit into it.

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Happy Blogging!!!

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