5 Reasons Why Affiliate Marketing Is Better Than The AdSense

affiliate marketing

You might have shocked to see this title! We are not against the AdSense. But, thousands of small bloggers have complained that they do not earn much. We have seen their posts on the several platforms. So, we thought of writing this article. Have you heard about the AdSense? If no, then it is an online ad network by the Google.

We assume you know about the affiliate marketing. If this is the first time you heard about it, then let us explain briefly.

The affiliate marketing involves advertising, promoting and selling. Did you understand what we said? For example, there is a merchant or advertiser that sells T-Shirts. To get the sales, the advertiser offers an affiliate program. They can either approaches a network or offer directly. Being a publisher, you need to join the affiliate program. Later you can promote the T-Shirts on your blog or other places. The promotional material will be given the advertiser.

Are you satisfied with the AdSense earnings? If yes, then this post is not for you. This post is intended for those who do not earn much. We will try to clarify things in the best manner.

Did You Think Why Your AdSense Earnings Are Low?

Do you know the revenue share of a publisher? It is 68% for the content based ads and 51% for the search. You do not earn much when your site doesn’t have a decent traffic. Many small publishers end up with the peanuts. They take months to reach the minimum payout of $100.

Do you know that the geos can influence your earnings? Say your site attracts huge traffic from Asia. Then, your earnings may tun bad. Your site may target Asians, there is nothing wrong in it. In that case you shouldn’t depend on the AdSense alone. You should look at the alternatives too. Always have a plan with you. Why don’t you try affiliate marketing? You could earn more than AdSense. Even if you try it without AdSense, then still it will fetch you a good income.

We strongly recommend Shareasale for the affiliate marketing. The reason is its user friendly interface. Unlike some networks, you can easily find your desired program. You will find hundreds of programs in every niche. For example, your niche is cooking. Then search for the programs related to the cooking and apply to the right program. Even when a company declines your application, you can try to the multiple programs.

Now look at the 5 reasons why affiliate marketing is better than the AdSense :

Reason 1 : The affiliate marketing opens doors to the multiple programs.

affiliate marketing doors

The affiliate marketing is not restricted to a single network or program. You will have access to the hundreds of programs. One can apply to any number of programs. When someone rejects your application, you can apply to the other. So, there could be endless offers in affiliate marketing. Unlike AdSense there are no strict guidelines. The reason is that the companies need business. If they reject every application, there would be no business. Whereas the AdSense is a mediator between an advertiser and a publisher. They mainly work for the interests of the advertisers.

There is no limit for joining affiliate programs. You can join as many you can.

Reason 2 : The affiliate programs don’t ban you just like that.

Affiliate marketing no ban

The AdSense is ruthless when it comes to disabling the accounts. You don’t get any warning from them. They can straightaway remove your AdSense account. All your hard earned money can disappear in a second. They don’t tell any specific reason for disabling your account. You have to keep guessing, isn’t it funny? They ask to appeal but the success rate is only 1%. Whereas you don’t face such situations in affiliate marketing. No one will remove your account until there is a strong reason. You will be dealing directly with the company.

Reason 3 : You get dedicated support in almost all affiliate networks and programs.

affiliate marketing support

The AdWords people called us many times asking to run campaigns. When it comes to the AdSense, no one would listen to you. There is no support for the publishers. When it comes to the affiliate programs, you will have a dedicated manager. They will be there for you in all phases. You can ask them for the marketing tips. They try to help you in getting leads or sales. Whereas you don’t find such support in the AdSense.

Reason 4 : There is a huge earning potential in the affiliate marketing compared to the AdSense.

affiliate marketing check

Say you are a small blogger. That means your blog gets not more than 500 page views daily. If your blog attracts more Asian traffic, then you may get $2-$4 daily. We have given it as an example. The revenue can be less or more. The AdSense calculate earnings based on the ad views and clicks. Even when your site receives 90% US traffic, the revenue will be relatively low.  It takes 1-2 months for you to see $100. Whereas some affiliate programs pay up to $50 per sale. You can earn $100 for the 2 sales.

One should join the high paying affiliate programs in their niche. On the other side, you can try hands on multiple affiliate programs.

Reason 5 : The affiliate marketing is not restricted to the websites alone.

affiliate marketing multi platforms

The AdSense can be used only on the websites. Whereas you can promote the affiliate link on various platforms. You can use blogs, YouTube, forums, social media, messages and emails for the same. What does it tell? In this way the success rate is high for the affiliates. You can also refer your family friend. The only thing is you should not spam.

How To Get Success In The Affiliate Marketing?

For getting success in the affiliate marketing, one should create great content. These are not our words, Google has said that. You should build a strong readership.

affiliate marketing success

Look at some tips :

  1. The YouTube is a best medium to promote the affiliate products. Being a creator, make reviews about the products. Give links to your affiliate products in the video description. You can monetize your channel as well as make money out of it.
  2. Run pay per click a.k.a. PPC campaigns. However it needs investment. One must not jump into it without proper research.
  3. The email marketing is a best way to keep your readers engaged. Don’t you have any budget for investing in email marketing? No worries. Read our article about the free email marketing tools.
  4. One must not ignore the social media. It has got so much potential for the affiliate marketing. Create groups and add the people who are interested in your niche. Be it a Facebook or LinkedIn, thousands of marketers are earning substantial income.

affiliate marketing PPC

What Are The Final Words?

The AdSense works well for the low traffic websites. We have seen many well-known bloggers who removed AdSense. They are successful in affiliate marketing. But, remember that you shouldn’t be in hurry. Research well and promote only those products that you think you can.

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Happy Blogging and happy earning!!!

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