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How to create a Blogspot Blog

We had got a lot of requests from our friends and family to Create free blog on Blogspot. We helped them many times but never thought of writing a post. This post will definitely help a newbie to create a free Blogspot blog. If you had heard the words blog, blogspot, blogger and blogging for the first time, then let me tell you about these briefly.

What Is A Blog?

The blog is a website that keeps on updating. It can be run by a single person or a group of people. For example, we manage way2blogger single handedly. The blog can be updated daily or monthly. Mostly the purpose of a blog is to give information. Now the information can be anything. Some people write about their daily chores or experiences. These blogs come under the personal category.

What Is Blogging?

The work that involves writing, publishing, updating and managing blog is called blogging.

Who Is The Blogger?

The one who does blogging is called a blogger. The blogger is generally named by their blog’s niche. Have you heard about the niche? The niche is a certain genre, where many bloggers would focus. For example, take my blog’s niche. It is blogging, right. So, the people that are looking for a solution or topic would come to my blog.

If you have started a fashion niche blog, then you are called as a fashion blogger. Similarly travel blogger, food blogger or a beauty blogger. The one who does the video blogging is called vlogger. So, we can call YouTube creators as vloggers.

Please do not assume that blogger and are the same.

What Is A Blogspot or

The is a free blogging platform owned by the Google. When you create a blog on, the name will be followed by the See the third step below.

Here comes the step by step tutorial to create a free blogspot blog :

  • The first step is go to Then click create your blog.

create free blogspot blog

  • You will be asked to login via Gmail. If you have an account, you can login with your E-Mail and password.


  • Once you login, you are asked to create a new blog. As you can see in the image, you need to enter a title. The title will be your blog’s name. Coming to the address, it’s the name of your blog. For example, Now select any theme from the list. When you are done, click create blog.

blogspot blog

  • Once you create your blogspot blog, you were asked by the Google to book a custom domain.

google custom domains

If you are willing to have a custom domain, then go for it or else click No thanks. The custom domain looks like Once you click the No thanks button, you will be asked to create a new blog post.

New post blogspot

You can start writing in the text editor and publish it. One must include the best keywords in the title. Coming to the article length, writing more than 500 words will be beneficial. Make sure that the post is engaging. Once you write an article, proofread it before publishing.

Blogspot new blog post

Learn why the new bloggers should choose Blogspot or!

What Are The Final Thoughts?

This is how you create a free blogspot blog. There is nothing wrong in trying out the Blogspot in the beginning stage. Are you really serious about blogging? Then you must not waste your time with the Blogspot. Make a move from Blogspot to self hosting platform like WordPress. Hope this article help newbies for creating a blogspot blog. If you love this blog post, then share with your friends.

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