9 Catchy Blog Post Titles That Increase Your Traffic Rapidly

catchy blog post titles

The blog post title has a direct impact on the traffic. Either it can drive huge traffic or make it worse. So, one must make the title as catchy as they could. For example, look at the title we had put, 9 catchy blog post titles that increase traffic. It is catchy, isn’t it? One must make the eye grabbing headlines for attracting visitors. When you search for anything in the Google, what would you see first? You look at the headlines, right. Many of us would click on the link based on the titles. Not many times we click on the first result, but we look at the appealing titles.

Why Do We Need To Write A Catchy Blog Post Title?

We need it for a simple reason, to attract visitors. What would happen when you promise a thing in the title and deliver the same in your content? You get the returning visitors for sure. Whenever they need something, they will look at your blog. On the contrary, you can see the traffic decline when your title is eye grabbing and the content is dull. There is a huge competition when it comes to the search engine rankings. Obviously, the visitor would prefer the blog post that has a great title.

Here comes the 9 catchy blog post titles that increase your traffic rapidly :

1. How To Titles

You might have seen many titles that starts from How to. For example, How to create a free blogspot blog? It definetely makes an impact on the visitor’s mind. Even still the how to titles are more clickable. Mainly the newbies click on these titles because they are in learning phase. It applies to every niche.

Examples of How to tiltles :

2. VS Titles

When will you use VS? When you compare something with other. Take the example of one of our title WordPress.com VS WordPress.org : Which Is The Best? The people love comparisons. Be it a gadget, car or a movie. They would compare one product with other before picking the right one.

Examples of VS titles :

  • Amazon vs eBay : Which is more profitable?
  • iPhone vs Samsung : What should you buy in 2021?
  • Affiliate marketing vs AdSense : Which should you choose for the monetization?

3. Number Titles (3,7,9,10, 45,101,…)

These are the most common titles to get attention. Mostly the numbers are odd, but yes the number 10 is popular. You might have seen many. For example, our last post was “7 Reasons Why Blogging Is A Best Career Option“. The number titles increases the trustworthiness. The visitors will be pleased when they read the title and find the list in the post.

Examples of Number titles :

  • 11 things you must look at while going for a holiday.
  • 17 breathtaking exercises that keeps your body fit.
  • 7 beautiful designs that takes your breath away.
  • 14 popular and old paintings that still look fresh.

You can be more creative. As long as you create a best blog post title, you do not need to worry about the traffic. It will come naturally. But, make sure that the title depicting the same what you have in the article. The irrelevant titles won’t last long.

4. Get/Create/Boost/Increase/Hike/Grab/Sell Titles

These titles will increase the clicks and thereby improves the conversions. Mostly they are used for the benefits, rewards, sales, discounts, coupons etc. The visitor will immediately connect to the article. You get an idea when we quote some examples. Have a look at them :

  • Get 40+ incredible eBooks by joining this course.
  • Create a mind blowing membership blog today.
  • Boost your blog traffic with these 17 steps.
  • Increase your revenue in 9 easy steps.
  • Get hike in your salary by following these 11 strategies.
  • Sell your own items in 20+ stores.

It is not a thumb rule for beginning the title with these words. However using them in the beginning will have a greater impact.

5. Discouraging Titles Combined With Negative Sentiment

From home to school, you might have heard these many times. When you do something wrong, your dad might have yelled at you saying “Don’t be a stupid”. This will certainly work on your mind. In the same way, these titles work on the visitors’ mind too.

The examples of the discouraging titles are :

  • Never ever follow these bad strategies.
  • Don’t be a fool by choosing these weird designs.
  • Stop doing these 11 practices for your wellbeing.

6. Positive Sentiment Titles (+Power Words)

The positive sentiment titles are highly clickable. Including take action type words will have more value. These titles will directly tell what it is about in a positive tone.

Examples of positive sentiment titles :

  • Learn how to create a webinar and invite like minded people.
  • Master the cooking in 90 days : Best guide for the dummies.
  • Explore the best places for the trekking.

7. Questioning Titles (Is, What, Where, When, Why…)

You might have seen hundreds of question titles in the Google. Whenever you search for something, 6 out of 10 titles would be questions. Even if you need something, what will you type in the search box? You will also ask in the form of the question. For example, you need to know about the micro blogging. Your typed question will be What is micro blogging?

Examples of questioning titles :

  • Is affiliate marketing wins over online advertising?
  • Where can you find the latest WordPress themes?
  • When is friendship day celebrated?
  • Why do we need SEO after publishing a blog post?
  • What should be the maximum length of a blog post?

8. Combining Titles (Recent, Studies, Facts, Proven, Case Study, Guide, Step by step, Little known, Ways, Massive, Growth, Common)

These keywords have high impact and try to include them in the titles. You can combine any of them and make the clickable titles.

The example for combining titles are :

  • 40+ proven facts of long tail keywords ranking factor
  • Recent studies of the social media influencer marketing (2020)
  • 17+ astonishing facts related to human intelligence
  • 9 Proven ways to earn money from YouTube
  • Step by step guide to prepare a case study
  • 9 little known facts of affiliate marketing
  • 10 ways to increase your revenue from blogging
  • The beginners guide to cooking delicious Italian dishes.

9. Easy Or Simple Titles

Any layman would look for the simple or easy solution. They do not understand the complexity. So, mainly these words will satisfy them. No one is master of all crafts. Sometimes we search for a specific thing and look for the easy tips. Create a title which includes either easy or simple.

The examples for Easy or Simple are :

  • 5 easy methods to make your video viral
  • 7 simple steps to create a website from scratch

Tips :

  • For optimizing the title, combine : 1. Numbers, 2. Power words and 3. Positive or Negative words.
  • The blog post title must be relevant to the article. As long as you maintain the relevancy, the visitors would keep coming on other posts too.
  • Be creative while creating a post title. Mix words like compelling, engaging, amazing, interesting, killer, tutorial, tips, proven, etc.
  • Research before creating a catch blog post title. Always make a list of titles and select the best one.
  • Please do not copy others. Sometimes there might be a conflict with others. Either you use synonym or replace with any other power word.
  • One must not overstuff keywords. It will harm your site’s reputation. You can follow our blog post titles for the inspiration.

What Are The Final Words?

This is all about the 9 catchy blog post titles. These are proved for increasing the traffic. If you have any creative ideas, then please share with us. Did you love our article? If yes, then share with your friends.

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