Blogspot Blog Removed (2021) : Best Tips To Make A Comeback!

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Blogspot blog removed – What next? Did you receive the mail from Google saying that your Blogspot blog has been removed? If yes, then this post will treat you well. Are you a new blogger or a beginner? Then I would like to tell you about the Blogspot. The Blogspot is a free product from Google. Both the and blogspot are the same. This platform allows to create your own blog.

When I started my blogging, I got attracted to the Blogspot because it is free to join. You don’t need to pay a single dime for hosting and domain name. It is a cool journey for the newbies.

Why The Beginners Give A Try To The Blogspot?

Let me give you a few hints. Mostly youth in their twenties will start blogging. However there are exceptions. These millennials do not want to spend on blogging in beginning. You don’t have much savings. There could be any reason.

While, the Blogspot is free and any one can join. You do not need to pay for :

  • Hosting
  • Domain name
  • Templates (Free)
  • Updates

You do not need to be a techie for creating a Blogspot blog. It is very easy to setup. You can get started in 1 minute. You will feel excited after publishing your first post, isn’t it? It is a lot of fun writing and publishing. On the other hand, the Blogspot can be really scary.

Have a look :

Blogspot Blog Removed – Scary Outcome

It is scary because many of you might receive mails from Google saying “your Blogspot blog has been removed.” Thousands of the cases are genuine, they do not break the policies. But, their blogs are removed without notice. Isn’t it scary? You sit and write spending hours, your hard work can get evaporated in a second.

There might be some bad bloggers who might have gone against the Google’s policies. There is nothing wrong in penalizing them. But, what about the genuine bloggers? If they found something fishy, they will immediately ban you. Even if the blogger has not done anything wrong, the Google won’t care about it. Once your blog gets removed, you will not get it back. This is unfair.

On the contrary, some argue that you are using Google’s platform (Blogspot) for free. They have rights to remove you. Agreed, they have rights but isn’t a blunder to make innocents suffer. Let me you tell you how my Blogspot blog removed.

I created a Blogspot blog in 2013. The niche was technology. I wrote more than 70 posts. When I was getting 500 unique visitors daily, I thought of setting up a custom domain (Ex : So, I redirected from my blogspot blog to the custom domain and applied to AdSense. The traffic gradually increased from 500 to 700 visitors daily. I didn’t violate their terms and policies. Everything was running smoothly. The AdSense got approved on my blog . The results were exciting.

Then, one day, I received two mails from Google saying that your Blogspot blog has been removed and AdSense got disabled. I was shocked. I don’t have the backup, it was my mistake. Even though I didn’t do anything bad from my side, I got penalized. Later I found that I got some unusual clicks on my ads. In 2013, the Google has no technology to filter bad clicks. For having bad clicks, they removed both my blog and AdSense. All my hard work went into vain.

It was not only my experience, I read thousands of bloggers asking for the solutions on forums. The prevention is always better than cure. Instead of suffering, make a move from Blogspot to WordPress or any other platform. The self hosting is always better than free platform like Blogspot.

Why Would Google Remove The Blogspot Blogs?

I have seen many high traffic blogspot blogs got removed. They wouldn’t care much about low traffic sites. If the AdSense is enabled on your Blogspot blog, then there are equal chances of losing both. They may remove your AdSense account for invalid clicks activity.

The Google doesn’t tolerate spam, we know it. If you accept guest posts from random people, they might break the copyright laws and your account will be put in danger. They may publish the same content elsewhere. So, it is better to avoid guest posts while you are running a blogspot blog. The Google also looks at the sponsored links. If they get convinced that you charge money, they will remove your blog without a second thought.

What Are The Tips For Not Getting Your Blogspot Blog Removed?

There are no specific methods for not getting your Blogspot blog removed. But, I will try to put some ideas :

  • Migrate your blogspot blog to WordPress or others as soon as possible. If you do not not know how to migrate, then you can find the specialists on Fiverr. They will migrate your blog for very low fee.
  • If you do not have budget and you love to stay on, then take daily backup. For taking a backup, go to the SettingsOtherImport and backupBackup content.
  • Do not accept guest posts from random people. They may be spammers. You shouldn’t accept sponsored posts as well. The Google sniffers will catch you in no time.
  • Beware of your AdSense account. You must regularly monitor your traffic and take screenshots.
  • If you are really serious about the blogging, then do not opt for Blogspot. The self hosting platforms offer more features.

Why Blogspot Is Bad For Serious Bloggers?

Even if you purchase a custom domain and have the content, you may get your Blogspot blog removed. The reason is that the Google hosts it. So, the hosting matters. Even if they feel your blog doesn’t deserve them, they will remove ruthlessly. Move to the self hosting for good reasons and peace of mind. You own your content and no hosting company will remove your blog unless you break the laws. If at all they need to remove your blog, they will talk with you.

What Are The Final Thoughts?

When your Blogspot blog removed, don’t get panic. It might hurt you because you took time and put your efforts. Start a new blog instead of trying to get back. Once they take down your blog, you don’t get it. However if they have mistakenly removed, then they will restore it. The existing Blogspot bloggers must take daily backups. Move to self hosting as soon as possible.

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