9 Places To Find Best Blog Post Ideas : (Beginners Guide)

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It is a tricky part to get the blog post ideas when you have just started. We experienced this phase. Many times we asked to ourselves “what should we write?”. Everyone search on Google, but we want to try others. After searching for the best blog ideas, we found them on few places. So, thought of letting you know about them too.

Have a look at them :

1. Google

It needs no introduction. When you try to search something, you will get auto suggestions. Those are the ideas that you can get. You will find more at the bottom of the results page. But, remember one thing. You do not find suggestions for every keyword or a keyphrase. It will show only when your keyword is competitive.

google suggestions

2. Quora :

This is our favorite place. If you are not there, then it is time to join. Do you know what it is? It is a question and answer website. You ask any question and people will answer you. There are questions and answers in hundreds of the categories. You get answers from the experts as well as the common persons. Look at our Quora profile where we have answered more than 100 questions. The beginners can search on the Quora for the blog ideas.

Say you have a pet blog and you want to write a new post. You need to think about a topic about pets. If you have thought of writing about the facts about pets, then you need to search for it. Look at the suggestions you get, when you type pet facts.

quora pet facts

You get tens of suggested titles. You do not need to copy the title. But, you can take the idea and form your own topic. It applies to headlines too. Have you read our earlier post? If you haven’t, then know about the 9 catchy blog post titles that increases traffic.

3. Pinterest :

Who doesn’t know about the Pinterest? It is one of the popular social network that allows you to bookmark photos. Do you know that more than 5 million visitors visit Pinterest monthly. You might ask us what is the use of it when they only has the visual content? It is more as a search engine. When you search for something, you can see the results in the form of images. You can get all the blog post ideas visually. Say I need an idea related to making money online.

When we searched how to make money online, see I got these results :


You can simply search for anything and you will get the results. From those results, you can make compelling titles and content. Look at how others have written. Once you get the idea, then start doing your own research. Try to make your content more appealing and engaging.

4. Buzzsumo :

You cannot create a title and content without keywords. They are important for both readability as well as the optimization. Have you heard about the Buzzsumo? It is one of the best keyword research tool. They have 2 plans : Free and paid. When you use free plan, they may allow 3-4 keyword searches. You can do more with their paid plans. Being a beginner, you might not have a budget for it. However, you can get the ideas on the first 2 instances.


When you go with the free plan, you will be shown up to 5 results. For more results, you need to upgrade.

5. Keywordtool :

Earlier people were obsessed with the Google Adwords tool. Then, many of them shifted their focus on the Keywordtool.io. Type any keyword in the search bar, you get all the suggestions, questions and prepositions in one shot. Even they are offering the paid plan. You could find more info like competition, trends, search volume and CPC. Over 1.5 million people uses this tool monthly. The beginners should take the free plan as an advantage. When you start earning, you can go with the paid plan.


6. Answerthepublic :

The Answerthepublic is one of the best keyword tool ever. Unlike other tools, they don’t promote themselves. At first we thought it as a private tool. Even they are offering free and paid versions. The newbies can use this tool for free. You either get suggestions in the image or data form. Many people have tried their paid plan and got best results.

When we searched for buy me a coffee, we got these results in image form. You can get the plain results too.



7. Ubersuggest :

This is one of our favorite keyword search tool. It is a free tool by Neil Patel. When you type a domain or a keyword, it will show the ideas as well as ranking metrics. You get the keyword and content ideas. We highly recommend the beginners to use this tool.


8. YouTube :

You can also search on the YouTube for the blog post ideas. You will find tens of thousands of videos for every keyword. So, you can easily get ideas for your topic. Again you should not copy the titles and content. There is nothing wrong if you liked the content. But, try to write in your own words.

YouTube keywords

9. Twitter :

One must not ignore the social media. The Twitter is also a best place to get ideas. Whenever you search for something, you can see both top and recent posts. In this process, you can actually build connections. If you don’t get any better ideas, then search on the Facebook.

Twitter postsExtra Places Where The Other Places Where You Can Find The Blog Post Ideas :

Are you a beginner? Then, there is nothing wrong in searching for the blog post ideas. But, you need to write your own content. We have seen many beginners copying other posts. No, don’t do that. Try to create great content.

What Are The Final Words?

These are the best places for searching for the blog post ideas. If you know any other places, then share with us. You can also share your thoughts on this post. What is your favorite blog post idea? If you love this post, then share with your friends.

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