Welcome to the Way2Blogger guys!!! This is a blog that helps the bloggers. As you could see the tagline as the Beginners Guide To Blogging. When we were newbies, there were not many resources to learn. The Google was the only option. We do not know how to create a blog in blogspot. Those days the self hosting was not popular. We know many bloggers who were fans of Blogspot. It is free to join and you do not need to pay fee towards hosting. That was the excitement. Every time we faced issues in the Blogspot, we looked at experts answers in various forums.

Facts :

Now, there is a lot of crowd in Blogging. Unless you deliver something incredible, no one would look at you. The main motive of this blog is to add value to the readers. Be a newbie or an experienced, we are always bound to help the bloggers. We want to see the blogger community grow. In some societies, especially Asians faced a lot of backlash from their families for choosing blogging as a career. For all those guys who are facing criticism, Be a warrior, never give up. We want more people to take blogging as a full-time profession.

How The Idea Of Way2Blogger Pitched Up?

The idea of launching this blog was flashed, when we were active on Quora. We have answered many questions related to blogging. Then thought of having a blog that solves blogger’s problems. We are thinking to have a forum for newbies, where they can openly ask the doubts or help. It may take time but we will float it once we get adequate bloggers to our blog.

Get Success And Motivate Others :

We would like to ask you 2 favors : 1. If you like any article, please share with your friends. Our posts might help them too. 2. Being a blogger, you must encourage others to launch their blogs. This way you can actually help in growing blogging community.

It is most disheartening to see some bloggers telling others not to take blogging as a career. There are ups and downs in every field, but we shouldn’t give up our dreams. If someone is dreaming of becoming a blogger, let them do it. We know the downsides too. The blogging takes a lot of time to get public attention and money. When you are passionate and working consistently, you will get success for sure. It may take months or years, but people will recognize your skills. Your efforts will not get wasted.

Are You Looking To Monetize Your Blog?

Are you are a blogger and looking for the right monetization partner? Then we have a blog called way2earning.com. We are proud to say that we helped many bloggers in earning. The Amazon affiliate marketing and Facebook video monetization guides were awesome. We are not saying that, our readers have said.

Finally, let us all unite to excel in blogging. The niches may be different, but our motive should be grow and let others grow.

Happy Blogging!!!