7 Reasons Why New Bloggers Should Join The Blogspot

7 Reasons Why New Bloggers Should Join The Blogspot

Ask any newbie about free blogging mediums, we mainly hear : Blogspot and WordPress.com. The Blogspot is one of the best blogging platform till date. I have seen many prefer Blogspot over WordPress.com.

Here Comes The 7 Reasons Why New Bloggers Should Join The Blogspot :

  1. The Blogspot is absolutely free to join. You do not need to invest your money. It is mostly helpful for the students, stay at home moms and retired persons. The Blogspot is a wonderful platform for newbie bloggers.
  2. You do not need to have technical skills. You can start a blog within 2 minutes. All you have to do is naming the blog and choosing a template. Once you setup, you can start writing a blog post.
  3. You can make money from the AdSense. Once you write at least 50 high quality blog posts in 6 months, apply to the AdSense. If you are serious about blogging, write a post in a day. Make sure that your content is understandable and informative. While, WordPress.com doesn’t allow you to make money via ads. However, you can make money from the WordPress.com affiliate program. Once you get the approval from the AdSense, you can setup ads and check the revenue right from the dashboard.
  4. The Blogspot allows you to purchase custom domain and redirect to it. For example, you have myblog.blogspot.com, you can buy myblog.com and redirect to it. When your readers opens your blogspot blog, they get redirected to your website. Even though you pay for the domain, you get the hosting for free.
  5. You are working with the best brand on the planet earth. I am not joking. You do not need to doubt their services. However they are rude sometimes. Please read what to do if your Blogspot blog was removed by Google.
  6. The issues in the servers will be resolved by Google itself. So, you will get the managed hosting services for free. Is it not, great? They will continuously monitor the servers and software.
  7. You get more features in the Blogspot than in WordPress.com. Whether it could be traffic stats, earnings or themes. Even the newbie could easily understand the things.

What Are The Final Thoughts?

Are you a beginner? Then the Blogspot is the best choice for you . But, remember one thing. You should move to any self hosting platform once you gain experience. Take backup every time you publish a new post. Hope this article helps beginners while starting their blogs.

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